Aero Propulsion Support Group is comprised of three divisions:

  • Aero Propulsion Support, Inc. which repairs and services small gas turbine engines and components.
  • Aero Propulsion Support Distribution, LLC. which inventories and distributes small gas turbine engines and components.
  • Aero Propulsion Support Manufacturing, LLC. which prototypes OEM parts for the small gas turbine business.
Aero Propulsion Support, Inc.
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Aero Propulsion Support, Inc.

Aero Propulsion Support, Inc. (APSI) is fully certified FAA, EASA, and ISO9001/AS9100 for repair and overhaul on both APU and Propulsion Engine components, Civilian to Military. Our 25,000 square foot facility is located in Harrison, Ohio, about 30 minutes from the Cincinnati International Airport in Northern Kentucky. Our clients include Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, Pratt and Whitney and General Electric 

Our Workcells (right) are engineered from the ground up to promote speed, efficiency, and a spirit of teamwork. Like the parts it produces, each Workcell is itself a highly-tuned machine, requiring proper, well-maintained and well-placed parts. Every individual action is taken into consideration in the overall design with an emphasis on “one-piece-flow.” Like a modern (but miniature) version of an assembly line, the Workcell moves each part through with minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

Aero Propulsion Support, Inc. employs the Six Sigma principles of continuous improvement, and this is a major key to our performance and efficiency. Six Sigma helps us turn logic into a science, making our workcells even more effective.

The final key to fast, efficient, and precise overhauls is the Workcell Team, and once the machinery is in place, the Workcell Team completes the system. These well-trained personnel allow the Workcell to be lean and efficient, producing quality repairs quickly and with efficient usage of both time and materials.